C&D Engineering Consultants has project managed and been involved in numerous Pharmaceutical projects throughout their existence. Working extensively in the UK but with overseas projects notability in Turkey and the Middle East.

We are currently working on projects for Pfizer, Solvay, Ineos, & AstraZeneca.
We feel our experience of pharmaceutical demolition and dismantling has been further cemented by the close working relationship of working within the Unilever organisation.


C&D Engineering Consultants has a wealth of knowledge of the petrochemical industry with the senior management having worked as both contractors and project managers within the industry. This hands-on experience has resulted in numerous clients retaining C&D at such projects as Shell UK, BP, Total and the Esso Refineries.


Currently, C&D are working on projects within Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.


C&D Engineering Consultants has been involved in major industrial demolition and decommissioning projects both within the UK and overseas. Our experienced culminated in being appointed as Principal Designer and explosive engineers at the British Steel factory Scunthorpe. In addition, C&D overseen the blast co-ordination and structural requirements to demolish a 75m high steel coking plant.


Demolition Engineers from C&D calculated the structural integrity of the building and assisted the client in producing method statements and risk assessments for the project.

This project was nominated for the World Demolition Awards in 2019 and C&D subsequently was successful in winning the explosive category with this project.


The technically demanding challenges of the power and energy field in relation to demolition is a skilled and niece market in relation to engineering. However, C&D has carried out numerous project management and overseeing roles within the industry. We were involved with the Ferrybridge fire restoration project, with C&D having a full-time engineer throughout the project.


Recently we have been instrumental in assisting clients working alongside gas assets primarily Cadent and culminated in working with contractors at Chelsea Creek, Oxted and Anglesey.


C&D Engineering Consultants has worked both onshore and offshore in the oil and gas field. Engineers have carried out project management on projects in the Shetland Isles, Egypt, Turkey and the Gulf of Mexico.
Currently, we are working for numerous clients where we are undertaking budget costs, cost analysis, feasibility studies and project management.


We have recently sourced dry dock facilities for an offshore client who requires the decommissioning of specialist top side oil rigs.


During a project management of New Bond Street, London C&D assisted the client Great Portland Estates in the restoration of numerous historic properties. The properties contained large levels of asbestos, pigeon guano and were structurally unstable. Working with Historic England and the local authority we successfully assisted the client to strip the building back to the original shell ready for sympathetic restoration.


Current projects include Holland Park Villas, Former Police Station in Mayfair and Eckersley Mill, Wigan.


C&D have project managed more than 400 tower blocks within the UK. This has culminated in the 2015 World Demolition awards were a joint venture from Despe (Italy) produced the TopDown system.


We specialise in concrete structures and the use of the two in-house charted structural engineers which ensures we can give the client the correct engineering solutions for complicated and challenging housing regeneration projects.


We have assisted numerous local authorises in major regenerations these include Glasgow Housing Association, Sanctuary Homes, Wakefield Council, Oldham Borough Council and Dacorum Council. Also, we advise private developers such as Berkeley Homes PLC, Barratt Homes and Redrow on major inner-city redevelopment projects.

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