Warrington Brewery

Contract Value: £0.5M

Service: Structural and Demolition Engineering

Date: 2023-2024

In the winter of 2023, C&D were appointed as Principal Designers and Health & Safety advisors for the demolition of the former Warrington Based brewery and Thomas Hardy bottling group. The works consisted of licensed asbestos stripping of the 19th century built Industrial units, and later built on-site Pub. As Principal Designers the team managed to mitigate any risk during the Asbestos and Demolition process resulting in an accident-free project.

Overseen by Lawrence Kehoe the project had several challenging aspects such as adjacent live business properties and a 25m high brick chimney which required high reach demolition around a live substation. The work was ongoing throughout difficult weather conditions and several client alterations. Using regular Health & Safety audits and the use of CDM 2015, the project was able to finish on time with a very happy client.  

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