Shotton Mill Limited

Contract Value: £1.4Bn

Service: Structural and Demolition Engineering

Date: 2020-2021

C&D Consultants were first brought onto the Shotton Mill project in 2020 as part of the Demolition process acting as Principal Designer for the decommissioning and dismantling stage. The project, still in its infancy, was about to become the biggest construction project in the North-West of England with a total project spend of £1.4Billion. Shotton Mill Limited was founded in 1983 and the Mill, until recently, produced newsprint paper. Due to the decline in newspaper consumption, the Mill has been sold for the wholesale redevelopment of the Site, which includes expansion into previously undeveloped areas of the Site.

This required large complex industrial demolition of paper mills, energy converting processes, and asbestos removal. Following a 14-month demolition programme C&D were instructed to oversee the remediation of the ground works . The papermill site was a former British steel site and therefore heavily contaminated with asbestos and hazardous substances. Following the remediation process C&D were instructed to carry out the Consultancy of the earthworks for the new Carboard factory which was over 20 acres in size.

The sheer size of the project has led to continuous work for C&D at the site, overseen by Matthew Bardgett. Not only undertaking Demolition works, but the company has also now diversified into assisting with the construction aspect for the client SML. Undertaking the role of Principal Designer for both Demolition and Construction work, the work requires constant overview of risk mitigation and managing H&S as well as hazards that have been left on site.

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