180 Piccadilly, London

Contract Value: £180M

Service: Structural and Demolition Engineering

Located a few doors down from the world-famous Ritz Hotel & directly opposite Fortnum & Mason, 180 Piccadilly is set to be the cities most desirable office & commercial location. The Project requires a complicated soft strip program, followed by Top-Down Demolition of the 8 Story, 1950s built office block. With restricted access on 3 sides, and a party wall shared with Piccadilly Arcade, the works required careful overview from our team of Award-Winning Engineers as well as complex Traffic management and site logistical plans. The demolition programme is set to last eight months, before the build process starts.

The team led by Managing Director Mike Kehoe were undertaking the client (Great Portland Estates) Demolition consultant for the works and carried out regular site visits as well as methodology checks. The building was damaged in the Second World War by bombing and has structural alterations throughout. Careful work and planning have been put in place to help minimise any disruption to the City Centre location including, tight traffic/delivery management plan, secure scaffolding adaptions to prevent pedestrian harm and reduced working hours. The works are to be considered a pivotal part of the city’s growth and help provide a huge economic increase for the client and the surrounding area.

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