Following on from the 2015 CDM and in particular ‘regulation 21 for explosives’ our experienced and knowledgeable in-house explosives division, provides a consultancy service, of high profile explosive demolition. We advise clients on the explosive feasibility, explosive techniques, sequencing and programming of the demolition of high rise structures, chimneys, bridges and multiple high-rise tower blocks.

We work with housing associations, private developers, local authorities and demolition contractors to facilitate a seamless explosive operation and aim to achieve a cost beneficial and safe explosive project, under current legislation, explosive regulations 2014 - L150 and BS:5607 -2017 use of explosives within the construction industry and that complies with the regulations.


Our Chartered Explosive and Demolition Engineers, understand the complexities of explosive demolition and act as Principal Designer or ‘Intelligent customer’ as per the HSE’s explosive guidance.

In addition, we act as a ‘third party verification’ throughout the world and can produce method statements, risk assessments, exclusion zone radius (compliant with the NFDC guidance notes) and evacuation liaison for on the day.

If you have a specific project you need help or advice on, please contact us.